Top 10 Android TV Apps That You Should Download in 2021

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There are millions of apps available on the Android Play Store today. Some of these apps come with many useful features and abilities. If you are a subscriber of a good internet offer such as Spectrum offers then you must download the best Android TV apps on your Android TV. This will enable you to have a better experience on your TV!

Android TV apps will let you do a lot. From streaming movies to listening to music, and browsing the web to file sharing, you can download a wide range of apps that can do pretty much everything. Continue reading this blog to find out more about them.

top 10 android tv apps 2021


YouTube is an app that enjoys viewership from millions of viewers worldwide. Here, you can get access to a ton of TV shows, tutorials, entertainment videos, DIYs, and much more. This is a must-have TV app if you want to have some quick entertainment. The app is very easy to navigate and comes with a very easy-to-understand user interface.


Spotify is a great app to have on your Android TV. The reason is that you will be able to play music in your home theatre speakers quickly. You can simply connect your TV to a stable internet connection, sign in from your account, and access your playlist. Then, feel free to play your favourite music.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a great app for happily married couples with children. The app is ideal for families and especially for children. Make sure to install it on your Android TV set. The educational, entertaining, and interactive shows will help you groom your children in a better way.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is also an important app to have on an Android TV. The reason is that it allows users to gain access to a plethora of browsing capabilities. You can even shop from an eCommerce website or simply browse the internet. To download it, simply head to the Chrome download page on your computer. Choose Android TV as your download destination. The download will take some time and then you’ll be all set to surf the web.


The Twitch Android TV app will allow you to access all the Twitch content. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favourite streams from the comfort of your couch after the installation. The good news is that you don’t even have to log in to watch the content. However, if you plan on chatting with your friends or following people, you can sign in. You can also link the TV app to your phone for easy typing.


If you want to easily store and access your media files from anywhere then Plex is a viable option. The Android TV app of the popular sharing service comes with easy navigation and a user interface. Make sure to download Plex on the device that has your personal data files (photos, videos). Once you do this, you will be able to access the data from any other device such as an Android TV.

Washington Post

It is important to stay updated about what’s happening in town or the country at large. Washington Post is a good app that will allow you to access articles, stories, and analyses of the ongoing news. With high-quality content and reporting, you will be able to stay up-to-date all the time.


AccuWeather is a weather app that is quite popular on smartphones. However, you can use it on your Android TV too. With a large screen, you will be able to check out the hourly, weekly, and monthly weather forecast. You can also check out the hourly temperature forecasts per day. Furthermore, the app also provides weather statistics such as humidity, wind speed, and UV index.


There is no doubt that VLC is a very good media play app. This app can conveniently play a wide range of media formats. Make sure to download the VLC media player on your Android device. You can even play media by using a USB device.


iHeartRadio is a very good alternative for Spotify. On your TV, you can download this Android TV app to listen to live radio in your living room! Furthermore, the app will also allow you to play your favourite soundtracks. You can also use the application to listen to podcasts.


I hope that you will find these apps quite useful. These are some of the best apps for Android TV sets at the moment. They come with many useful features and, hopefully, you will have a great time with them on your TV.

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